Compulsory Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

As of October 2017, every bus operating within NSW will be required by law to run a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that meets strict SAE requirements.

The Office of Transport Safety Investigation reported that 40% of NSW Bus Fires in 2015 were confined to the wheel wells predominantly caused from dragging brakes and underinflated tyres.

NSW will be rolling out mandatory TPMS in October 2017 and it is inevitable that these safety requirements will be rolled out nationwide as Governments start realising the true safety benefits behind running a TPMS system.

Tyredog welcomes the legislation and the safety it will provide to all road users. Tyredog kits meet the strict SAE requirements and can keep your fleet on the road. Please enquire within if you wish to discuss how we can service your TPMS requirements.

The Importance of Tyre Pressure

Tyre inflation pressure not only affects rolling resistance but also tyre wear. A tyre with low pressure will consume more fuel and run fewer kilometres before requiring replacement. Data collected by Bridgestone showed that on average, 20% of the tyres used by fleets without a controlled pressure monitoring programme run at least 10% below the recommended inflation pressure, of which 5% run at less than 20% of the recommended pressure. Showcasing that on average around 1 in 5 tyres in a typical fleet have a significantly negative impact not only on the environment but also on the fleets operational efficiency and thus competitiveness.The importance of maintaining correct tyre pressures is vital on large vehicles especially trucks. A blowout on a truck can be catastrophic.

Save time checking manually checking Tyre Pressures.
Manually checking Tyre Pressures can take well over 30minutes on a 36 wheel vehicle, with a TPMS kit it takes no time at all. Simply look at the monitor and you can monitor all wheels remotely without leaving your seat.

Without a TPMS Kit a flat can be near impossible to spot
Spotting a flat visually can be near impossible with trucks that have dual wheels on a single axle.

Save Tyres, Save Money

A single truck tyre blowout can cost upwards of $400 to replace not even factoring in the time lost with changing a tyre. Running a TPMS Kit saves you money and time in the long run.

Be Safer, Be Smarter, Be More Competitive