4x4 and Passenger Vehicles

The Importance of TPMS
TPMS has been mandatory in Europe since 2009 and 2011 in the United States. Your four tyres are your only points of contact with the road. Even the newest of tyres can be rendered useless with incorrect inflation.

Running as little as 5 PSI below recommended pressures greatly affects your braking distance, cornering ability, grip, fuel consumption and tyre wear.

TPMS in Offroad Applications
"A tyre-pressure monitoring system is one of the best accessories you can fit to your four-wheel drive. It could even be a life saver..."


For Offroad driving monitoring your tyre pressures is imperative. It can be the difference between getting bogged, making it up the hill or even staying on the road. Many of our customers swear they would never go offroad again without a Tyredog System. The system alerts you to any slow leaks that may be occurring. The sooner you know a tyre’s going flat, the less chance it will result in irreparable damage to the tyre and rim.

Changing Pressures often Offroad?
If you change your pressures to suit the driving conditions you'll find you're changing your pressures all the time. Running TPMS allows you to take out the guesswork.