TyreDog TPMS for Commercial Buses


What are the new TPMS regulations associated with commercial buses in Australia?

From the 1st October 2017 or earlier if available, all new buses delivered to Sydney Metropolitan, Outer Sydney Metropolitan Bus Service Operators and Rural and Regional bus operators under the BPP MUST be fitted with EBFSS and TPMS per the specifications.

TPMS isn't compulsory in my state why should I invest in a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?

There are many variables to be considered running a transport operation. One factor which is often forgotten about is tyres. Tyres have an incredible influence upon the running and maximising the efficiency of a fleet. A tyre that is unmaintained and underinflated increases fuel consumption, wears out faster and is likely to fail before it reaches the end of its life.

Running a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System can:

  • Save money on your fuel bill by correctly inflating and monitoring your tyres. A 9% drop in tyre pressure increases fuel consumption by around 5%.
  • Save money on tyres, increase your tyre life significantly by running correct tyre pressures
  • Reduce Downtime. If your wheels aren't rolling they aren't generating you income.
  • Improved safety: Under-inflated tyres lead to tread separation and tyre failure
  • Ensure your passengers are safe, a tyre blowout at speed can cause complete loss of vehicle control

Why Tyredog?
Tyredog has spent over a decade pioneering the TPMS market. We have unmatched expertise in this area and are able to provide tailored solutions for your fleet. Get in contact with us today to learn about how we can cut the running expenses of your fleet whilst also improving safety and ensuring that you meet the new TPMS requirements.