TD-RY2700F-X Add-On Trailer Kit

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The TYREDOG™ TD-RY2700F-X Wheel Trailer kit Add-On enables you to upgrade your existing TD-2700F-X kit so you can monitor additional Tyres on your vehicle / trailer.

These kits are only suited to the TD-2700F-X Series kits which contain a Relay.
They program in to your existing TD-2700F-X kit, then simply mount the relay, fit the sensors and change the vehicle layout on your Monitor.
For further information, please refer to Wheel Layout Options by clicking on the Downloads Tab.

What's included

1 x Relay / Repeater unit (inc 4 x AA Batteries, Power Cable and Mounting Hardware)
Wireless Sensors (inc CR1632 Batteries)
SecureFit Rings

Operating Environment (Relay / Repeater)

• Frequency: 433 MHz (RX) / 433MHz (TX)
• Operating temperature range -40 deg to 80 deg C
• Storage temperature range -40 deg to 100 deg C
• Operating humidity 100%

Power (Relay / Repeater)

• Power Required 12 - 30V DC (MiniDC jack) or Battery DC 3V
• Battery Life: Approx. 1 Year
• Battery type AA 1.5V (x4)

Dimensions (Relay / Repeater)

• Size - L 105mm * W 50mm * H 85mm

Operating environment (Sensors)

• Operating temperature range -40 deg to 125 deg C
• Storage temperature range -40 deg to 145 deg C
• Operating humidity 100%
• Shock >1000G from 1.5m height
• Vibration 10mm 5-200 Hz in X,Y and Z direction

Power (Sensors)

• Sensor is equipped with battery - CR1632 (3V)
• Battery Life - Approx. 1 Year

Dimensions Sensor (Sensors)

• Weight - 10g±1 g
• Size - Diameter 18.5mm / Height 20mm

Note: You can upgrade this Add-On Trailer Kit to 6, 8, 10 or 12 Sensors by simply ordering then programming in additional LEARNABLE Sensors.
(Refer to Spare Parts / Add-ons Section)